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The enchanting setting, the experience, the taste makes the estate ideal for any ceremony. Time seems to stop in the estate full of charm and magic. Every detail is carefully considered to create an unforgettable and magical reception


The parties are built around the bride and groom with special attention to their wishes and their dreams: the experience  of all the people involved  will make them unique and unrepeatable.


Organization Notes:

Close to the estate, a large private parking houses the guest's cars . A list of caterers will be provided to at the time of the survey, and the caterers in joint venture. The estate takes a single reception per day.


Are made available to customers:

  • Hall of Honor: 60 people , heated ;

  • Mews hall: 300 persons, heated;

  • Marquee: 250 people ;

  • Arcade pool view: 120 people;

  • Park and garden


Do not hesitate to get in contact and visit the estate!


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