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Back to the atmosphere of Piedmont of the 17th century...

The estate was build in 1773 for the noble De Laugier as holiday house with beautiful gardens, a chapel and some rural buildings: it was an isolated villa in the coutryside, but made entirely self-sufficient.


The interior decoration and antique furniture were commissioned to the many artists who worked

for Racconigi Castle



Today the Countess Castelbarco guide your visit through the elegant rooms of the Villa: the red room, the dining room, the Gallery, the Carlo Alberto Room, the blue room and the room of the wardrobe.


The Park

A walk back in history in the magical Royal Piedmont of the 18th  Century


The typical French-inspired architectural complex, welcomes and guides the visitor through a gallery of ancient and tall trees to rediscover the flavors of yesteryear. The visit is fun, feels like stepping back in time and that the ancient inhabitants are just out for a walk, leaving their belongings in every room: the table set for fine dining, bedrooms with antique clothing and furnishings scattered in graceful disorder.


The great main hall is amazing on two floors (designed by Borra with stucco made by artists from Como and Lugano) that welcomes visitors at the entrance.

The Park of Tenuta Berroni

The park owes its present form to successive renovation projects which affected the whole estate since the early 1800s when, the distinguished landscape architect, Giacomo Pregliasco, put his hand to the rather anonymous Park project elaborating it in romantic forms (1819) and giving it that discreet charm that still can be appreciated during the pleasant walks along the banks of the pond  sheltered by tall fronds of centuries old trees. 


He designed its' romantic walks around the lake, under ancient trees. In spring thousand of white and yellow Daffodils are in full bloom, later a carpet of violets and in May a little grove is strewn with lilies of the valley. You may walk along rows of wild Peoniae , then the tree-peonies some old and rare like the Chung Gee. You can relax a little under the white Wisteria waterfall or the Catalpa tree, enjoying its sweet perfume, or the old roses, Countess Castelbarco's favorites.

Room, the blue room and the room of the wardrobe


Over the years, many studies that were made on the garden and the villa , as well as multiple works in Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Agricultural Sciences, including several books.


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  • Giovanni Chevalley: Piedmont Villas of the Italian publishing and Printing company-Century XCIII

  • Adriana Sassone: Piedmont Villas Boas, ed. The Archer

    Adele Re Rebaudengo: old houses of the nobility in Piedmont and. Allemandi

  • Elena Accati: art and nature and twenty private gardens of Piedmont and Daniela Piazza

  • The library of Palazzo Bricherasio: Guarini, Juvarra e Antonelli and Silvana

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